Sure, I may be an Entrepreneur now, but I haven’t always been one. Here’s a little about my background.

The day I left

I was raised in the middle east and most of my life I was held back from dreaming or following my passion for one reason..

for being a woman.

For some families, the honour of men in that part of the world is measured by how well they hide their women from the public eye. Usually under the pretence of caring and protecting the women of their household, the women have to be told what to do and generally have their life planned out for them.

Twenty three years of my life was spent behind four walls. There was no communication with outside world and in full head to toe covering. Even hands.

No disrespect to anyone that does this out of choice but that is exactly it, It has to be a choice.

Anytime I questioned the system, I was shut down by being told “because you are a women” or humiliated by being asked “why you trying to be like those indecent women out there
I never really understood what they were afraid of. I was confused so I turned to books for answers, reading from inspiring leaders from around the world. We had a fantastic library where I could just pick up a book and get inspired in my own world exposing myself to leaders such as Socrates, Martin Luther King, Hussain Ibn Ali, Imam Ali and mystics such as Shamz of Tabriaz and Rumi.

At age of 13 I remember reading this particular quote from Rumi..

“Everyone is made for a purpose and the desire for that purpose has been put into people hearts,”

This statement I read over and over and I was totally engrossed in it. As time went on, these words made more and more sense to me at different stages of my life, even till today, the words are so powerful and leave me in AWE.

I learnt from reading about inspirational leaders from the past, that one has to make sacrifices to bring about a change, a BIG change.

I was forcefully married to someone that I didn’t want and had a daughter. First of all the birth of a baby girl was not celebrated and secondly she had a visual impairment. My partner at that time wanted a son. You can imagine that sense of rejection I faced, going as far as saying that it was my own fault for questioning the system that I was being punished for doing so.

I couldn’t take it anymore. The passion for FREEDOM that was growing over the years finally ignited.

I made a strong decision.

I decided to leave and everything I had, wealth, large home, comfortable lifestyle for  FREEDOM.

I made the decision to step into fire and move very quickly so I would get burnt.

Material possessions had no value in my life if I was not happy and they had absolutely NO VALUE if my daughter was going to be disregarded.

Cutting a loong story short, after my decision of leaving, I ended up in UK with a very young baby (Just few months old) and started from absolutely nothing. The only item of wealth I had was a gold necklace worth around £8,000 (which was sold for much much less than its worth)

I had no life experience, no idea how to run a home, how to be a mother, (especially to a child with physical challenges), absolutely clueless alongside that, I had no family. They made very clear that the moment I left, I was dead for them.

Facing many challenges and trials, I lacked the experience of the REAL world. I had been kept cotton wrapped my entire life but because, I was now FREE, I had a strong mindset and intense passion to live life on my terms that I enabled me to get through the challenges one by one.  When things got tough, I always knew that I had burnt my bridges, there was no easy escape, the only way was forward. My daughter’s presence in my life had a huge part to play for keeping up the strength and courage to keep moving forward.

I experienced this new reality fast, I got myself a job which didnt last very long as so I knew earlier on that it was impossible for me to work under anyone. Maybe perhaps I was sick of being told what to do,  it completely contradicted my views on FREEDOM and my journey up till then. I knew I to do something for myself so being a creative person, I believed in my ability to create. I set up my own web agency in 2009, helping new businesses with branding and website development.

Now I am a online entrepreneur working from home.

There are reasons I started looking for alternative routes to having own business, mainly because I wanted to spend more time with my daughter and work less hours. My agency was demanding, 18 hours per day and income after expenditure ranging between £5000- £8000 per month which wasn’t really growing and taking away a lot of my freedom. Again Freedom comes in different forms, here it was time freedom and the freedom to be a mother to my daughter at will. Why should she have to bear the consequence of my decisions when they could be better. There is always a better way. We just have to be brave enough to find it and have the courage to get uncomfortable.

I wanted more time for less work but equal value. So I after years of exploring online marketing, being an affiliate marketer being paid lousy commissions of 40% max for a whole lot of work, I decided to launch my own platform. This is where I Have A Dream platform was born. How and why is another story that you will have to ask me one day ?

What kept me going..

1. Was love for my daughter 

2. Unbreakable FAITH 

3. Courage to get very uncomfortable and leave the “laid out plan for my future”

4. Being happy with situation but not content.. always wanting to achieve more and kind of prove to my family that I made the right decision and I was not a failure

Now 10 years on.. my daughter is grounded with a strong foundation to build the life of her dreams as she wishes, we both are so free and happy to live as we wish and experience life to its fulliest. We have the freedom to do anything we desire and really discover how deep our creativity can go..

I still have many challenges, they don’t stop as we continue to grow.

The reason I shared my journey with you is to inspire you. You have to be a dreamer. Think big, whatever your situation is, it is all in power of DECISION which is your GOD given right, only YOU can make a change required to live a more healthy fulfilling life, not only for yourself and loved ones,but for a progressive society as a whole.

Think positive, have a huge long term vision and a strong WHY you want it that makes you emotional and then TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. I promise you my friends you will achieve what you set your mind to.

It is the first step you are responsible for. I am here to encourage you and to tell you that I believe in you and your potential, just like I believed in myself by recognising the infinite potential we have as beings.

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