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Esther Kiss
How To Find Your Own Voice In Written & Verbal Communication

Do you feel sometimes that text communication can lead to miscommunication, people may misread your message as they cannot hear the tone? PR expert Esther Kiss gave a very detailed marketing class for dream university on communication and building relationships online

Justin Devonshire
Small Business LOCAL Event Planning

Thinking of hosting your own event locally? Why should you bother, the organising, costs, worry of anyone showing up.. LIVE events expert Justin Devonshire talks about why it is a proven profitable strategy and teaches how to plan, promote and profit from your own LIVE event. In this highlight, Justin answers why it is good to have a live event as a lead generation strategy into your funnel.

Josh Turner
5 Things You Need To Do On LinkedIn To Get Business Exposure

Highlight of expert Josh Turner (best selling author of book Connect) speaking about the 5 must do's to gaining business exposure through LinkedIn. In the full class he covers everything from setting the profile up, joining the correct groups and using advertising to get full exposure.

Tiji Thomas
Product & Service Value Must Exceed Monetary Value

When people can't imagine being without the product, it becomes a must have. Which is what sales expert Tiji Thomas covers in this class, creating more value than price is when you get the sale. He says: People have a pain point, a threshold. When you don't create more value than that threshold to be, you will not get sale.

Ryan Levesque
How Important Is It To Collect Customer Data

An important question Ryan (best selling author of book ASK) embarks on: Who are the most valuable companies in the world right now? The ones that collect data! In this class, Ryan Levesque speaks about the importance of collecting customer data for business.

Adil Amarsi
High Converting Headlines For Your Ads And Emails

Are you struggling to convert your leads? Or even get leads to click your adverts on banners and emails? This is a highlight from the Dream University Class of Adil Amarsi speaking about the importance of optimizing the headlines for adverts and emails to increase conversion from leads.
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