What Is I Have A Dream Show?

Welcome to this I Have A Dream Platform I am Fizzah Shah, (call me Fizz) a mediapreneur living in UK. You can learn about who I am and my background by clicking here.

The I Have A Dream Platform is the the number one resource for wealth and spiritual growth online. The goal is to empower people to live a life they LOVE and with work on spiritual growth too so they can live an enriched balanced life not only for themselves but also positively impacting society and generations to come This is the mission for this platform.

Rumi says, everyone is built for a particular work and the desire for that work is placed in each and every heart.

Due to the systems we live under, we are kept busy in mundane things, Most people are in living in fear, survival mode, stress, anxiety of just getting through each day. Short term satisfaction, with short term visions, This all makes us suppress our dreams and cloud the voice of the heart which is constantly trying to guide you towards your purpose of existence. Each one of us is here with unique qualities to contribute to the world. Look at the works of incredible entrepreneurs over last decade. the ideas they had, they took action upon and therefore contributed towards societies progression. We have the wright brothers who never gave up on the dream of flying a plane, we have them to thank as we can travel faster, making the world more connected an globalised. We have Steve Jobs who had an idea to bring computers into every homes, we have him to thank as now we can have the tools and to realise our dreams, giving a equal chance to those who are blind so can communicate their ideas We have Thomas Edison to who had the idea of a light bulb, we have him to thank as now we can light up our homes with click of a switch. Progression has been extraordinary in science and technology, we have individuals to thank for making our lives easier. Now you are probably thinking yes this is all great, but what has this got to do with me YOU could have that next big dream or idea that can benefit millions around the world but like millions of people out there, you may not know where to start or how to get your idea out into existence. The I Have A Dream platform is to equip you with the business acumen, mindset, knowledge of sales and marketing, building relationships, networking with influential people that all works on helping your dream become a reality.

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